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7 Ways to Save Money on your reception

1. Hire your Disc Jockey for the minimal amount of hours, 3 maybe 4 and avoid paying for extra hours in advance. Statistics showed that guests start leaving the reception after dinner. Have fun and if the event is doing good, pay the extra time to the DJ directly. Companies over charge for the over time while the DJ, since is already set up and having fun, can charge considerably less for his services. The least amount of extras the cheaper. Lighting, smoke & bubble machines, other props, costumes, give-aways, the list is endless, all cost money. It's up to you.

2. You can save “big bucks” if you have your wedding during the slow months of the year. Having your wedding in November, January, February or even March can saves thousands of dollars and vendors will offer you many deals to gain your business. Also look into having your reception on any day but Saturday and Buffets generally cost a lot less!

3. Do not pay for the extras needed (projector, projector screen, Podium with Microphone, etc.). If you looking to show a photo presentation while the guests eat ask the hotel to provide the audio visual support during the negotiation process. Normally, they will provide this for you at no extra cost. The key is to do it in the beginning stages when they are attempting to gain your business.

4. If finances don't allow you to purchase a designer wedding dress, consider renting.

5. Silk flowers save you a lot of money and they're already preserved

6. Kill 2 birds with one rock. Use your guest’s favours as your centerpieces. Your DJ/MC can make announcements explaining.

7. Shop around, for transportation. There are Many limousine companies out there, prices do vary.

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